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Harvest Rain Services

Impervious Cover

Building a new pool, casita, or other structure pushing you over your impervious cover limit? Harvest Rain specializes in installing worry-free water collection systems that will satisfy your impervious cover requirements.

Impervious Cover

Increasingly, rainwater collection systems are being encouraged as a best management practice to offset the increase in stormwater runoff from new construction. Several counties, city, and state ordinances allow the installation of rainwater collection systems to gain positive credit for impervious cover requirements.

Many of our customers will opt to use their collected water for irrigation or pool fill. 

Requirements based on Location

While there is no current standard formula for how a rainwater collection system can mitigate overages in impervious cover requirements, Harvest Rain installs these systems in many different jurisdictions in Texas and can help homeowners, builders, or developers understand exactly what will be required based on the location of the project.