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Harvest Rain Services

Irrigation Systems

Looking for more than a rainwater barrel for your irrigation needs? We regularly design and install rainwater collection systems for the purpose of watering gardens, landscaping, livestock, and small lawns.

Irrigation Systems

Landscape irrigation can account for nearly 50%-70% of the total water used on a residential property. Rainwater collection systems are frequently installed to help reduce high water bills. Plants thrive with the naturally soft, mineral-rich rainwater vs. tapwater often containing trace amounts of arsenic, nitrates, or disinfection residuals like chlorine.

For Your Irrigation Needs

Depending on your goals, our team will design a catchment system to meet your irrigation needs, taking into consideration exactly what you will be using the collected water for. From residential projects to large-scale commercial irrigation, collected rainwater can be a wonderful year-round option to augment current water or act as your sole source.