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About Harvest Rain


Harvest Rain springs from a deep well of rainwater wisdom. Every day we call on decades of real-world experience, expertise, and innovation as we continue to look towards what’s possible for protecting our most precious natural resource – water.  

As Texans, we know rainwater is our future. Between dwindling groundwater supply, questionable water quality, and the desire to be independent of city utilities, that future is now. But as we look forward, we’re also aware of how much our past has informed who we are today.



Harvest Rain’s client base is nearly thirty years strong, and we credit much of our success to the founder, Richard Heinekin. Originally started as Tank Town in 1993, Richard and his wife Suzie opened their rainwater business after recognizing a significant need for quality, sustainable water in the Hill Country. 

While Richard identified as “mayor of Tank Town,” we refer to him as the father of Hill Country rainwater. Not only was he at the forefront of our industry’s inception, but Richard also established standard practices for appropriate potable collection, reshaping rainwater consumption laws in the process.

After twenty-three years, hundreds of installations, and a tireless commitment to improvement, Richard sold Tank Town in 2015 to locally-owned, H203. H203 rebranded the installation business as who we are today, Harvest Rain. 

James Grizzard



Fast forward six years, and Harvest Rain is the largest rainwater design+installation firm in Texas, installing nearly 2 million gallons/year of stored water for residential and business customers alike.

Our team designs and builds turn-key rainwater systems for potable use, irrigation, emergency backup, and fire protection. Harvest Rain Systems are designed with a focus on function and performance while also satisfying our customer’s aesthetic preferences and unique needs.

For us, “turn-key” never means “one-size-fits-all.”

Everyone at Harvest Rain believes that rainwater collection systems are a vital technology in securing long-term water security in Texas as the state continues to grow at an incredible pace.

All of us are proud to be a part of the industry and believe that the work we accomplish daily reflects that sense of pride in our final product.

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