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We’re Harvest Rain. We Love Water.


Whole House Potable

From roof to tap, Harvest Rain designs and installs turn-key rainwater collection systems to supply households with all of their potable water needs. Whether you’re looking to augment a current water source or to use rainwater as your sole source, our team is your go-to for expertise.

Irrigation Systems

Looking for more than a rainwater barrel for your irrigation needs? We regularly design and install rainwater collection systems for the purpose of watering gardens, landscaping, livestock, and small lawns.


Rainwater collection systems provide an excellent source of sustainable irrigation supply in commercial settings. Additionally, many municipalities are encouraging rainwater collection systems for new commercial construction projects to help reduce the adverse effects of stormwater runoff from development.

Impervious Cover

Several counties, city, and state ordinances allow the installation of rainwater collection systems to gain positive credit for impervious cover requirements.

Fire Tanks

Whether you’re looking for above-ground steel or fiberglass tanks, or underground solutions, Harvest Rain can help you efficiently meet your fire protection needs.

Service & Inspections

We have familiarized many first-time rainwater harvesters with their systems. We also offer ongoing maintenance agreements and rainwater system inspections.