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Rainwater Rebates & Tax Benefits

July 28, 2021

If you’re researching the possibility of a rainwater system on your property, you’re likely curious about the availability of tax breaks or rainwater rebates in your area. Below find a list, although not comprehensive, of available rainwater rebates in Texas.

//Last updated July 2021//

Texas, State-Wide

Not only is it legal to collect rainwater in Texas, the State also recognizes the importance of rainwater and fully supports rainwater harvesting as a sustainable solution. To encourage rainwater harvesting, all rainwater equipment and supplies are tax-free under Texas Tax Code Section 151.355 (Read More). And yes! This means the installation of your rainwater system, no matter the size, is free from sales tax.

Furthermore, under Texas Tax Code 11.32, property owners “may exempt from taxation part or all of the assessed value of the property on which approved water conservation initiatives [including rainwater harvesting]….have been implemented.”

    • City of Austin Rainwater Rebates

        • Up to $5,000 for equipment to capture rainwater
        • $.50/gallon for non-pressurized systems, $1.00 for pressurized systems
        • If you are installing a potable rainwater system in the City of Austin, an RPZ valve must also be installed.
        • City of Austin Details & Rebate Application Form
        • Harvest Rain provides the required system drawing for all City of Austin installations.

    • City of San Antonio Rainwater Rebates

      • Minimum of 500 gallons of storage. The rebate is $1.00 per gallon, maxing out at $2,000.
      • San Antonio Water System (SAWS) requires all rain tanks over 1,000 gallons to be registered.
      • If you are installing a potable rainwater system in the City of San Antonio, an RPZ valve must also be installed.
      • Details about San Antonio’s Rainsaver Custom Rebate

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