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Harvest Rain Services

Service & Inspection

Our team of service techs is exceptionally familiar with the wide variety of rainwater installations throughout Hill Country. We offer repair, upgrades, and annual service agreements.

Buying or selling a home with an existing rainwater system? Our service team provides full system inspections of all sizes, residential and commercial.

Service & Inspections

During an inspection, our service team reviews everything from roof to tap including:

  • Visual inspection of Gutters, Downspouts

  • Storage Tank, Liner, Leaf Basket, and other components if present

  • First Flush, Pump, and Pressure Tank (if applicable)

  • Disinfection System (Filters and UV bulb)

  • Determine if capture is adequate for household demand

  • Bacterial water testing (48-72 hours to complete) 

We will provide you with a full, written report after the system inspection and outline any necessary repairs and recommendations. Travel rates may apply

Buying a Home with a rainwater system?

If you are in process of buying a new home or are a realtor assisting a client, know that we are sensitive to how short option periods can be. Drop us a line and we will give you an honest assessment of our ability to inspect the rainwater system in the necessary time window.

Have you recently purchased a home with a rainwater system?
We have familiarized many first-time rainwater harvesters with their systems. We also offer ongoing maintenance agreements even if Harvest Rain did not originally install your system.