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Harvest Rain


Now, more than ever, we are realizing the benefits of maintaining our own reliable electrical supply. Harvest Rain is proud to be an Authorized Dealer & Installer of Kohler Generators to meet your residential and business needs.

Standby Generators vs Portable Generators

Higher power output.

Modern homes have higher loads compared to
even ten years ago, with a significant increase in the size and number of
electronic devices.

Better power quality.

Sophisticated electronics need the protection of
high-quality power sources.

Quiet operation.

Enclosures are designed to muffle sound levels for
neighborhood operation.

Safe operation.

When properly installed, standby generators don’t pose
a carbon monoxide threat to people in the home.

No refueling, no extension cords and no battling the elements.

disconnect from the utility prevents dangerous backfeed to power lines.

Standby Emergency Generators

Standby emergency generators supply enough power to effectively and reliably power all electrical demands of your home or business.

Our turn-key generator installations provide a reliable, back-up source of power in the event of a power outage. Depending on your needs, your generator can provide power for the entire home (standby emergency generator), or it can be sized to power only the essentials of your choice (essential load generator) of a home.

The majority of our generator installations do not require refueling – instead, they run on your home or building’s existing natural gas (NG) or liquid propane gas (LPG) supply.

Essential Load Generators

Smaller and designed to allow home owners to choose which appliances are most necessary during a power outage, essential load generators are a great choice for backup power.

Our specialists will help you determine adequate electrical loads and size a generator accordingly to ensure you can count on the items you need the most during an outage (ie refrigerator, HVAC, well house or rainwater pump, etc.)

Comfort. Confidence.

Keeping your family safe and comfortable during a power outage is priceless.

Outside of interrupted use of devices and appliances in the home, a generator can also maintain a water supply if on well or rainwater, allow homeowners to drip water at their faucets, and save pipes from freezing during extreme weather conditions to prevent costly repair work.

Kohler generators are specifically designed for high-quality, consistent electrical output so that you can continue using more delicate devices such as laptops and televisions without fear of damaging surges.

The Installation Process

We offer complimentary site visits during which our system designer will walk the property, get a better idea of your specific needs and provide you with a quote to align with your budget.

Actual installation begins by creating a level pad site for the generator. Our team will work with you to select either decomposed granite, gravel or concrete to seamlessly integrate with your landscaping. Most standby and essential load generators, including their enclosure, are similar in size to a typical air conditioning unit.

Our team of professional electricians, propane and natural gas specialists will ensure final connections are both up to code and fulfill manufacturer requirements for warranty. Installation times vary from 2-4 days (dependent upon if a new propane tank installation is necessary.)

Warranty & Maintenance

Much like a car, your generator will require ongoing, if minimal maintenance including oil and filter changes. Harvest Rain provides regular service options to all of our generator customers.

Kohler generators are affordable but not the cheapest on the market – we believe they are the most dependable generators and therefore they are the only ones Harvest Rain installs. Next time you’re at Home Depot or H-E-B, take a look behind their building – you’ll see a Kohler generator! All Kohler generators are built to last and come with a standard 5-year warranty.